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....City Furniture promises chic at a unique value...

When we find out that City Furniture was opening a new store, we were intrigued to find its new location, but the fact that we were able to experience its grand opening party at first glance made us very excited to share with our audience.

On December 1st, City Furniture opened its doors for their Grand Opening party where influencers had the opportunity to preview luxury furniture at the best value in their new home at Midtown found in the new sky rise “Eve at the District” with its 28,000 square foot dream space. We were thrilled to be able to be part of this night.

We must begin by saying this amazing location offers a trendy and unique experience unlike any other furniture store we have visited, a Coffee and Wine bar (yes!! you read right)  to make your shopping experience feel more enjoyable.


During our visit to the Grand Opening, we were welcomed by with great food, amazing beats, a donut wall 😋 (must we say we LOVE donuts), a panoramic city view of our Magical City and the perfect range of elegant furniture styles and home accents. Upon our entrance, we encountered a one-of-a-kind living space and stairways to heaven.


The store is arranged in a way you can stumble around with your champagne (thanks to the Wine Bar haha..) and decide which couch you will pair with that empty space at home or how the home office selections have a minimalistic glamours atmosphere and not to mention the outdoor section where you will encounter pieces that will enhance that perfect outdoor space.


As an interior design cognoscente, we can benefit from their different styles of furniture whether is their traditional, contemporary or modern pieces, showing us that there are more modern varieties outside the typical “Miami Vice” modern for your dream home, allowing us to believe that “Everyone can live like this” and obtain quality pieces at an affordable cost.


Their new concept is chic and customizable  providing a wide range of  fresh and clean looks, for example a beautiful Instagram worthy marble table starting at $599 or that high dining room set for your lazy Sunday's brunch for just $1399.

We must say we love Miami for its versatile style and City Furniture offers those elements and much more. The pieces cater to young adults, newlyweds, children and anyone who wants to turn their dull space into a cozy and classy habitat.

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We want to thank City Furniture for sponsoring this blog post and welcoming us into a place where we can daydream and our furnishing dreams into reality.


Cat & Jules

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